why choose us

The Importance of Professional and Independent Advice

At UK Expatriates we believe that independent financial advice is essential. As Independent advisors we prioritise your personal objectives and review your circumstances in order to develop a strategy that helps you achieve your goals.

UK Expatriates is not owned or funded by any of the financial institutions that we represent, therefore, our clients receive impartial consultations based on what they need; rather than what a parent company could provide.

Our role is to evaluate your circumstances and help you implement a plan, however our ‘job’ does not end there – we monitor your plan’s progress and provide ongoing services. Should your personal circumstances change some time down the road we will be there for guidance.

How will I be able to afford to send my children to university?

How much will I need when I retire?

Will my company's pension scheme provide me with enough income when I retire?

What is the alternative to leaving my money in the bank?

These decisions are too important to be left to a company that can only offer savings vehicles from their own limited product range.

UK Expatriates is able to offer the best independent advice, and guide you through a selection of plans and products to suit your individual needs.

With the right product and suitable funds or assets held within it, you could benefit from the potential growth in markets around the world.


Individual Needs Analysis

UK Expatriates offers you financial planning that is individually tailored for you and your family's needs and aspirations. Every International client has to consider possible financial shortfalls during their career.

By careful planning we can minimise any unpleasant financial surprises.

At different stages in life, we all have altering financial plans and goals; for example, capital growth, educating our children, retirement income, estate planning, trusts or inheritance tax.

These are not "one off decisions” made at a specific time in life, but a continual process involving you and us meeting face to face, on a regular basis.

UK Expatriates is determined to offer a lifetime of services to our clients and give peace of mind in your future financial planning.